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Sonari is a town located in Sibsagar district of Assam. Sonari is situated by the side of the Taokak river. It is located at 27.07 degrees North and 95.03 degrees East. The town is located at an elevation of 318 feet. It is a municipal board in the Sibsagar district. Sonari is located in Dhodar Ali, the 212 km long road. It is an important town in Sibsagar district. Sonari is a commercial hub and is also known for the sprawling tea gardens. Some of the famous people of Assam belonging to Sonari are poets Parbati Prasad Barua and Ambeswar Chetia Phukan. Sonari is a part of the Jorhat Lok Sabha Constituency.

History of Sonari

According to historians the original name of Sonari was Sonapur. The name Sonari comes from the Assamese word Sonari which means goldsmith. It is said that during the reign of the Ahom kings in 1253 AD goldsmiths lived here. They used to work for the Ahom kings. The name of the place comes after the sonaris therefore.

During 15th century Borahi king Mahamanikya lived in Rajadhap area of Sonari. In the court of the king Madhava Kandali translated the Ramayana into Assamese. During the invasion of Assam by the Mughals, Bhogonia raja Jayadwaj Singha rested for some days in Sonari before proceeding to Namrup.

Demography of Sonari

According to 2001 India census Sonari had a population of 17,430. The male population is 55% and female population is 45%. The average literacy rate is 92%. The literacy rate of male is 79% and the literacy rate of female is 72%.

Economy of Sonari

Sonari is a commercial hub in the eastern part of Assam. It is the commercial centre for Charaideo sub division of Sibsagar. Sonari has several tea gardens. A major source of revenue of the town comes from tea. Other than tea timber industries also contribute to a larger share of economy of Sonari.

Tourism of Sonari

There are parks, markets and ancient temples located in Sonari that attract the tourists.
Tourists can visit the following places in Sonari:

Bor Pukhuri

Bor Pukhuri is situated at the heart of the town. It is a park situated around the historic Ahom kingdom’s tank. The park is also called Lachit Nagar Park as the statue of Bir Lachit is erected in the park.

Statue of Chilarai
Entering the town one can have a glimpse of the statue of Chilarai near Tawkak river bridge.

There is a daily supermarket in the town. The market serves as the shopping centre for people.
Other destinations for shoppers are Hong Kong market and Modrena shopping complex.

Tourists can also have a glimpse of the various tea gardens in Sonari as Sonari is also known for the sprawling tea gardens. There is a gymkhana club within the tea garden area.

Some places of religious importance and temples in Sonari are Sarbojanin Naam Ghar, Gurudwara, Hari Mandir, Kali Mandir, Shiv Mandir and Buddha Mandir.

How to reach Sonari

Sonari is situated 45 km away from Sibsagar.

By Air: The nearest airport to Sonari is Dibrugarh.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Sonari is Bhojo. 

By Road: Sonari could be reached by road from Sibsagar town through the Dhodar Ali road. Bus facilities are available from Guwahati to Sonari.

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